Rules & Regulations for the Event :

  Please corporate with the organizing team at the venue.

  Group pictures, artist's meet & greet, or any other promotional engagement is strictly prohibited.

  Smoking is Strictly Prohibited in the Event Venue, except in the Smoking Zone.

  Any Alcohol & Intoxicant related things are Prohibited inside the Event Venue.

  Children Below 14 years of age, without their parents or guidance, are Prohibited from entering because of the geographical land site.

  Bringing any food item inside the Event Venue is Prohibited.

  Dogs are welcome to our Event but are restricted to the Aero Adventure Area as there are times when dogs are frightened by the sound of the Hot Air Balloon and firework. As a show of respect to the crowd, owners are requested to look after their pets.

  Arms of any kind which may bring alarm to the crowd are Strictly Prohibited.

  Vehicles should not be parked anywhere except in the Parking Area or Arrange Area.

Arrangements :

  Car Parking

The organising teams will arrange parking areas for the safe parking of your vehicles. One is advised to not park vehicles except in the parking areas.


We have separate cabin washrooms for ladies, gents and unisex.


A restroom is available for emergency purposes or detainment purposes.

How safe is Ballooning?

Hot Air Balloon flying is one of the safest forms of aviation. Similar controls and regulations that apply to aircraft and airlines apply also to hot air balloons. Parachutes are not required by the people in the basket same as not required in a passenger airliner. Ballooning is an adventure sport, not a dangerous sport.

A balloon is a very simple uncomplicated craft with very little to go wrong. All of the major items have a safety backup in case of failure. The equipment goes through rigorous testing during manufacture. It is then regularly inspected by DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation of Govt. of India) as well as receiving a pre-flight inspection by the pilot before every flight.

Balloon pilots go through a very thorough training and examination process and as part of this training, they are taught that if the weather is not quite suitable for a balloon flight then the flight will not take place. Safety first is the most important part of the wonderful experience of Hot Air Ballooning.