• Who can do it?

    Anybody fit and aged 4 years above can experience the joy of Hot Air Balloons, Balloon Tethering and Para motoring with us. It will be up to the pilot to determine specific weight cut-offs on any given day, as these can vary according to the condition of the wind. The activity is not recommended for pregnant women or persons with back/neck injuries or any other physical injury due to safety concerns. Please inform the crew/pilot in case you have any medical conditions.

  • Do I need any training, any prior experience or be physically fit to take part in the activity?

    No skills or experience is necessary. Please just sit back, relax and let our experienced pilots fly the aircraft; you can freely enjoy the heights and feel the adrenaline rush within you. The activity is not recommended for pregnant women and persons having any back/neck or physical injury.

  • Is it Safe?

    Absolutely! It is completely safety to fly under the guideline of trained Pilots.

  • I can't confirm the reservation for Hot Air Balloon flight, what so I do?

    To reconfirm your Hot Air balloon flight, you can visit our online confirmation www.skyfunzy.com you will need your booking ID number and the name on the reservation. Alternatively, please call +91- 8798780291 or email skyfunzy@gmail.com and we will be happy to help you.

  • We have hot air balloon tickets and are travelling tomorrow - any special clothing to wear/take?

    Early mornings especially in winter can be cool on takeoff of the balloon so please make sure you wear comfortably layered clothing and a hat if you have one with you. Once we are in the air the temperatures do tend to rise. As our takeoff and landing points are on rural farming land, we suggest no light-colored clothing to avoid any clothing getting dirty. Please wear closed-in shoes for safety. You are welcome to also carry a water bottle and your camera.

  • Are our hot air balloon tickets fully refundable?

    Non-refundable ticket.

  • Are there any fitness requirements for Hot Air Ballooning?

    It is a safety requirement for Hot Air that all of our travellers are able to walk from the bus across to the balloon basket, board the basket via two foot holes (1.2m in height) and stand for the duration of the flight all unassisted.

  • How old do you have to be to ride in a hot air balloon?

    The minimum age for participating in a hot air balloon ride is 4yrs old. Children between 3yrs and 5yrs require proof of age with either a picture of their passport or birth certificate to show the driver on the morning.

  • Does the balloon have wheelchair access?

    Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate wheelchair access as all passengers must climb into the 1.2m basket unassisted and stand for the whole duration of the flight.

  • Do the balloons travel or just go up and down?

    Each day is different depending upon weather conditions but generally, the balloon can travel between 4-7 kilometres and go in many directions.

  • I haven't received any tickets yet for my confirmed flight.

    Your booking ID should have been emailed to you. If it isn't in your inbox try looking in your spam folder as sometimes it gets mislabeled. You don’t need a physical ticket just show us your booking on your phone. If you haven't received your confirmation or pick up details please contact our reservations team on +91- 8798780291 between 9am - 5pm Monday - Saturday.

  • What time should I meet you for my balloon flight?

    Passengers with confirmed tickets are advised to reach the venue an hour before the scheduled time.

  • I have booked my flight with a tour agent, how do I change my booking or cancel?

    When booking through a third-party travel agent you are agreeing to their terms and conditions and must make any changes to your booking directly with them. We strongly recommend booking directly with BookMyShow as they are the booking partner of the event with very competitive terms and conditions.

  • Why do balloons only fly in the early morning?

    Hot Air ballooning requires stable weather conditions which generally are at their best in the early hours of the morning.

  • Does the ticket price include the tax or not?

    All pricing on our website is all-inclusive of all levies and taxes, there are no hidden charges.

  • If we cancel our balloon flight do we get a full refund?