• What are the dates for event?

    11th February – 17th February 2023.

  • How far is the parking area from the festival venue?

    Walking distance of about 2-5minutes.

  • Where is ATM located at event area?

    There is a counter inside the festival venue, where you can withdraw limited funds throught micro-ATM.

  • What happened if the event is cancelled due to weather conditions?

    Safety for all is our priority. If the weather condition is unfavourable, we will try to arrange the flight on another day and if that too doesn’t work, then we will refund the full amount. No refund for NO SHOW.

  • If I have any queries, whom should I contact?

    For any queries, please drop us an email at skyfunzy@gmail.com or directly contact us at +91-8798780291.

  • How can I purchase a ticket for the event?

    Tickets are available on the website in bookmyshow.com Entry tickets may also be purchased at the gate on the day of the event. Note: Limited tickets for Hot Air Balloons, Para Motoring & Balloon Tethering.

  • Is there any travel package available for the event?

    Yes, we do offer 2 types of travel packages. Please go through www.indomyanjourneys.com

  • Is smoking allowed at Balloon Event?

    Smoking is allowed only in the smoking zone.

  • Can we bring food and drinks into the Event?

    Food from outside is not permitted inside the venue. You can enjoy different types of cuisine from the food courts available inside.

  • What types of entertainment happened at the Event?

    We will entertain you by bringing Hot Air Balloon, Para Motoring, Balloon Tethering and Sky Diving show, a trade fair, carnival rides and live concerts.

  • Are the park and washroom accessible for handicapped?

    Yes, there is a park and washroom available for specially disabled persons.

  • What are the timings for the adventurous flights?

    Hot Air Balloon will start in the early morning 4:30 am -7:30 am. For balloon tethering there will be 2 different slot timings (9:00 am-12:30pm & 1:15pm-9:00pm). Para-Motoring too, will be of 2 different slot timings (9:00 am-12:30pm & 1:15pm-4:00pm).

  • When is the best time to take a picture?

    The magic hour of twilight, dawn or dusk, create beautiful lighting opportunities where the warmth of "Balloon Glow" blends with the velvet blue of the muted skylight. Twilight and night are low levels of light that require high-speed film or low-light exposure settings on your digital device.

  • I only have an international number; will you be able to reach me for our hot air balloon ride?

    We can call and drop message in your international numbers but we do need to know the international country code (number with + at the beginning). When you book your balloon ride from our app please make sure we know which country you are traveling from and all of your best contact details in case we need to reach you.

  • Where can I purchase Balloon event souvenirs?

    There is stall inside the festival venue where you can buy all types of souvenirs.