Hot Air Balloon Surfing is dependent on weather conditions, and the morning time around Loktak in February is the most suitable time to fly. Flight preparations start early morning around 3:30 am & first flight is expected to fly by 4 am.


Once you reach the entry gate, present your Flight Ticket issued by www.bookmyshow.com, this is also your entry ticket to the venue too, if you are with family and friends, then you have to buy their entry tickets in advance from the website, once scanned you will be given the Boarding pass to Proceed for the FlightLounge area, and your accomplices can watch you flying from the ground.


Flight Lounge is specially designed for your comfortable briefing session, about the Do's & Don'ts on the Balloon flights. After the brief, you can enjoy the balloon preparations from your comfortable sofa seats, sipping a hot coffee or tea from the lounge with some sandwiches, cookies or wafers, waiting for your flight.

Preparing Balloons for flying is an eventful experience to watch, it’s so mesmerizing. The crew opening the Envelope(Balloon), setting up the Basket, in which you’ll ride. The process begins with the inflation of the balloon by motorised fans, with natural air. You’ll see a huge sized big balloon in front of you, very soon, lying on the ground with a lot of air in it, now once the envelope is filled with air, the propane burners are ignited to heat the air inside. It will take approximately 30 minutes to get the balloon ready for flight.


Once the Balloon is upright, ready to give you the experience of your lifetime, upon checking your Boarding Passes, you will proceed to get onboard the basket waiting for you to surf over the Gem of Northeast, Loktak Lake.


Gently you will be lifted up from the Earth, Its an amazing feeling, how light the balloon feels. As you ascent to height, you can have an 360° Panoramic views around you, need not to resist taking breathtaking photographs. You will be exploring Variable altitudes in the air for a magnificent view of the valley, near to 400 feet from the ground you will see the sights and sounds of the beautiful state, The GEM of India 'MANI'PUR'. The Beauty of Loktak Lake freeze your eyes, and you will remember this for lifetime, Our pilots are experienced and so they may also find a shift in wind currentsto able to change direction by at another level. Your 30 min of flying will get engraved on your soul as this charismatic view of Lake, Valley and Mountains around will never be unfazed, in this life.


Our Crew cars will follow the path of Balloons, along with another set passenger to board at the next hop, so that they can be ready and waiting for you upon landing, always a gala occasion, the Cars will take you back to the Venue and next set of passengers will board.

Total time to experience may range between 1 hour or a bit more, Including:

o Greeting at the Flight Lounge

o Briefing Session

o Volunteering to help with balloon inflation

o Around an half an hour’s flight in hot air balloon

o Presentation of certificate signed by your pilot (on request)

o Invitation to assist with the deflation of the balloon (if it’s the last finishing point)

o Our luxurious cars will help you get back to the venue, to enjoy your day with many more activities to adventure around, with food & Drinks, in and around the arena .


Feel the bird within, Flying while Paramotoring. It’s the one of the easiest and safest forms of flight to master and offers the kind of flying experience that is unmatched by other forms of Aero-Sports.