"PARAMOTORING- Experience like a Flying Bird"

Flying like a bird in the sky is one of the most surreal as well as breath-taking experiences. The fantasy of flying like a bird in the sky is an old fantasy of humankind. With paramotoring, also known as powered paragliding, you can make your fantasy come alive!

Paragliding is one of the popular aero sports in India. This is a recreational activity where the participant sits on a tricycle along with the pilot and flies. This thrilling air sport is perfect for adventure lovers. It is the most liberating feeling, the best feeling to know that there is nothing between you and the blue sky, and it is like you have got wings.

When you fly in a paramotor, you are sitting in an aircraft that is completely open giving you an almost 360° bird's-eye-view of the space above and the world below. You feel the winds in your face and notice birds flying all around you and cherish the beauty of nature. The experience will get imprinted in your mind for a lifetime.

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