Hot Air Balloon-Tethering

(Hot Air Balloon-Tethering)

It is a hot air balloon that is tied to the ground with anchors around the perimeter. This keeps the balloon in place, preventing significant drift or travel, and allowing passengers to experience flight at a special event. It can take up to 3-4 passengers per ride. Floating high above the crowd tethered rides are when the balloon lifts off the ground, however 100 feet above the ground for several minutes, but does not launch and fly away.

Tethered rides are one of the latest developments in hot-air ballooning. It is a cool new way to enjoy the unforgettable experience of a hot air balloon flight, with much less hassle. It is a wonderful tourist attraction. Also, one can witness and appreciate the magnificent view of Loktak Lake at the time of sunrise and sunset while strolling in the sky which adds to the best memories and experiences of a lifetime.

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