Hot Air Balloon Safari

(Hot Air Balloon Safari)

Flying in a hot air balloon is both relaxing and exciting at the same time. The sensation of a hot air balloon rides like being weightless. The balloon floats as if by magic and drifts under the influence of the wind, making it a unique experience.

By riding a hot air balloon, you may feel like you're in some kind of a dream and you'll be pleasantly surprised by how gentle the floating sensation of being in the balloon is. Flying in a hot air balloon is an unforgettable experience that not many people have the opportunity to try.

Manipur is an incredibly beautiful place with diverse natural landscapes and different ecosystems. Being able to observe this from the sky is a real privilege, and it is priceless. With a hot air balloon ride, you will be able to explore the unseen gems of Loktak Lake, which is the largest freshwater lake in North East India and is one of the tourist attractions in Manipur well known for its floating circular swamps called Phumdis. You will also be able to explore the Keibul Lamjao National Park, which is the world's only floating wildlife sanctuary known for the patches and rings of biomass called phumdis. The park is a wetland ecosystem and inhabits a rare species of deer called Sangai. An aerial view of the restricted buffer zone and the core zone will be an exclusive experience for safari lovers.

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