Manipur is a mosaic of ancient traditions and rich cultural patterns. In the field of art and culture, the state is best represented by its classical and folk dance forms.

In the festival, you will have a chance to see all the Manipur classical and folk dance forms such as, Ras Leela, Khamba Thoibi, Maibi Jagoi, Pung Chalom, Thang-Ta performing on live by the various renowned performer of Manipur.

Manipuri Raas Leela
(Meitei: Jagoi Raas, Raas Jagoi)

Manipuri Raas Leela is one of the major Indian classical dance forms, originating from the state of Manipur. The dance form is imbued with the devotional themes of Madhura Raas of Radha-Krishna and characterised by gentle eyes and soft peaceful body movements. The dance form is based on Hindu scriptures of Vaishnavism and is exclusively attached to the worship of Radha and Krishna. It is a portrayal of the dance of divine love of Lord Krishna with goddess Radha and the cowherd damsels of Vrindavan, famously known as the Raas Leela.

Huyen langlon

Huyen langlon is an Indian martial art from Manipur.In the Meitei language, huyen means war while langlon or langlong can mean net, knowledge or art. Huyen langlon consists of two main components: thang-ta (armed combat) and sarit sarak (unarmed fighting). The primary weapons of huyen langlon are the thang (sword) and ta (spear). The spear can be used in its non-missile form while in close or thrown from afar. Other weapons include the shield and the axe. Unarmed combat incorporates hand strikes, kicks, and grappling (mukna).

Maibi Dance
(Maibi Jagoi)

Maibi dance is performed during the festival of Lai-Haraoba which is an annual ritual festival of Manipur. In this dance, the Maibis dance and describe the whole lifestyle of how Manipuri people live.

Pung cholom
(Roar of the Drum)

The Pung cholom is a dance form originated from Manipur,which is the soul of the Manipuri Sankirtana music and the classical Manipuri dance. The Pung cholom is a unique classical dance of Manipur. The dancers play the pung (a form of hand beaten drum) while they dance at the same time.

Nupa Pala
(Kartal Cholom or Cymbal Dance)

Nupa Pala, also known as Kartal Cholom or Cymbal Dance, acts as a prologue to the Raas Lila. It is a group performance by male partners using cymbals and wearing white turbans.

Manipuri Dance
Khamba Thoibi

Khamba Thoibi dance is a duet dance between a man and a woman. It is dedicated to the sylvan deity and is performed by Khamba (hero) and Thoibi (heroine) of the Moirang episode of the past.