About SkyFunzy

Skyfunzy was established in January 2022 is one of the subsidiary company of Khasia Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

On 26th November, 2018, Khasia Venture Pvt. Ltd was founded by three partners-- Yumlembam Bulee Singh, Chairman; Lourembam Prameshor Singh, Director and Pukhrambam Aristotle, Managing Director.

Skyfunzy takes charge of Adventurous Sports, Events & Festival. Being a parent company, Khasia Venture Pvt. Ltd also helps in providing tour packages.

Skyfunzy is a professionally managed company providing end-to-end business platforms and experiences to corporate, groups, and individuals. Our business has been built on trust with strong business ethics and cultures with a cordial atmosphere, all of which are the company’s core values.

Skyfunzy is the first-ever company established in Manipur to bring Hot Air Balloon & Aero sports. We aim to capture the interest of our youths and encourage them to indulge in such activities and opt for this profession as a career in the future. Thus, providing them with a chance to learn about different career options and live an independent life. We also have a strong desire to promote our local markets by bringing in domestic and international tourists to our state in a quest to uplift the state’s economy as well as lighten our living.