North East's

Aero Sports Hot Air Balloons & Para-Motors Fiesta


Our Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi's vision is to make Manipur 'The Sports Powerhouse of the Country', & to back up the rich sports History of Manipur, like indigenous games such as SagolKangjei (Manipuri Polo), YubiLakpi (Manipuri Rugby), HiyangTannaba (Boat Race), Mukna (Manipuri Wrestling), Kang and Thang-Ta & Sarit Sarat (Manipuri Martial Arts). And also, Manipur has been producing the maximum Olympians for India, acknowledging the same by the Central and State Govt. dedicated India's First Olympian Park to the People of Manipur.

Manipur is not only producing enthusiasts in traditional sports but also, a lot many adventure sports are being led by many Manipuris. Adventurous Aero Sports is a new sport to India and again, Manipur's legacy is enacted by its own Capt. Imochaoba Singh, for 3 decades in Hot Air Ballooning and Aero-sports.

Capt. Kshetrimayum Imochaoba Singh, who is also instructor of Hot Air Balloon has FIR (Flight Instructor Rating) license issued by DGCA, India. He is also the only civilian who trains the defence personnel of Indian Army and Navy, also he has been representing our country at International Festivals, organized by Federation of Aeronautics U.S. Sky Funzy a subsidiary of Khasia Ventures Pvt. Ltd., joined hands with Capt. Imochaoba Singh to bring another reality to our Hon'ble PM's vision of 'Atma-Nirbhar Bharat', with 'North East's Aero Sports Hot Air Balloons & Para-Motors Fiesta 2023 Manipur', to Manipur as Northeast India’s First Event in Indian History of Aero Sports Category, planned to be held near Loktak Lake at Phubala Public Playground, Manipur, with international safety standards to hold such an event for public.

The event is organized to promote Aero-Sports activities for the youth of Manipur and Northeast and bring Aero-Sports on the radar of youth participation and engagement & tourism to Manipur from across India & beyond. The event can also be seen as the right platform to introduce & establish the concept of Aero-Sports in Manipur. The major focus will be on Youth Participation and Young students, exposing them to such exciting adventure activities, & inspire them to take it as their careers shortly. This would serve as the impetus that would boost the popularity of Aero-Sports in the state and that in return would generate international players and will also serve economic opportunities for the State and Nation.

Loktak Lake is the only freshwater lake in Northeast India and has a lot of significance in Manipur considering its relevance with the mythologies and history of Manipur, as well as home to an endangered subspecies of Eld's deer, a brow-antlered deer called Sangai found only in the KeibulLamjao National Park and nowhere in the world. The KeibulLamjao National Park is a floating marshy grassland, known in Manipuri as Phumdis. It also happens to be the only floating national park in existence in the world. The Loktak Lake, The KeibulLamjao National Park, Sangai, and Moirang (where the Indian National Army first hoisted the tricolour flag on 14th, April 1944) are all too significant in Manipur. So, to hold an event in such an important location in Manipur would mean a tremendous opportunity for State Tourism as well. Hot Air Balloons are the preferable mode of travelling for tourists as they would provide them with air cruising over the picturesque scenic beauty of Loktak Lake. Soaking in the magnificent aerial view ofthe KeibulLamjao National Park, in and around the Loktak Lake.

This event will provide youths with an opportunity to experience adventure aero-sports and live every moment with the cultural feel of Manipur & Northeast, also, with Cultural Show, Raas-Leela, Cultural Dance, Tribal Dance & Pung-Cholom too. To engage youth further in the modern world of Rock Shows, which is popular among them, we are planning to rope in international music bands along with other north-eastern music bands, drawing a bigger crowd that would include domestic & foreign tourists as well. Making this festival a grand achievement will translate into social and economic prosperity for the nearby areas of the festival location. This festival will also generate a lot of revenue for the existing hotels & homestays in Manipur and other service sectors in the entire state would be benefitted from it. Services of all kinds would be impacted and this festival has a very big probability of turning out to be the biggest Aero-Sports Fiesta in India.


Khasia Ventures have been serving the people ever since its inception, through this event we would mark a festival mood for the people of Manipur to come back year after year, to experience newer Aero-Adventure Sports each year. Every year youths will be engaged in many more Aero-Sports activities to participate in and look up to prospects for them.

We have already promised the youth club of the public playground to level the field for them with new internationally styled goalposts for their daily practice matches, also we will be making the periphery landscaping for locals to walk around, like a park. Under the guidance of 'Swachhta Abhiyan', we will be developing permanent toilets of international standards for the players, and maintenance of the same will be taken care of by the Youth club.